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Education  (cont’d)
AICPA  Forensic and Valuation 2017    November 13, 2017  Las Vegas, NV 2017

Key Realty School   Excess Earnings Method for Business Broker Nevada Permit  2012

AICPA  Case Study Divorce Settlements   June 5-8  2013    Las Vegas, NV

AICPA  Healthcare Transactions and Regulatory Traps   November 18, 2011, Washington D.C.

AICPA   Healthcare Reform  November 18, 2011, Washington D.C.

AICPA  Divorce Vs Wealth    June  5-8 2013   Las Vegas, NV

AICPA    Supporting Family Law   June  5-8 2013    Las Vegas, NV

AICPA   Litigation Report Writing Clinic    June 5-8  2013   Las Vegas, NV

AICPA   Financial Disclosure:  The Devil Is in the Details   April 24,  2014  

 AICPA    The Classification and Valuation of Shareholder Loans Asset & Liability    April 24, 2013

AICPA     The Great Debate:  The Future of Marketability Discounts with Fannon, Hitchner Mercer      April 24,    Las Vegas, NV

AICPA   Athletes and Celebrities:  Does Fame Equal Fortune?    April 24, 2014  Las Vegas,  NV

The Five Really BIG Valuation Issues       April 25, 2014     Las Vegas,   NV

 What Every Testifying Accountant Needs to Know About Working with Lawyers and Their Clients to Win the Case.     April 25, 2014, Las Vegas, NV
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