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NACVA  -   Advanced Valuation Course  San Diego, CA.  November 17, 2017

M&A Source - Annual Conference  Dallas, Texas   May 8-11  2017

AICPA  Forensic and Valuation 2017    November 13, 2017  Las Vegas, NV 2017

NACVA - Financial Consultants   Las Vegas, NV.  December 5th, 2016

NACVA-CTI    Valuing Entities     San Diego, CA June 9th, 2016

NACVA-CTI    Resolving the Debate About the Valuation of Practices                      San Diego, CA          June 9th, 2016

NACVA-CTI   Practice Builder    San Diego, CA.   June 9th, 2016
ASA  IRS: Appraisers and their Responsibilities    Las Vegas, NV.  Oct. 2015

ISBA  International Society of Business Appraisers  Phoenix, AZ  Jan 2014

AICPA  Case Study Divorce Settlements  June 5-8  2013  Las Vegas, NV

AICPA  Supporting Family Law  June 5-8 2013  Las Vegas, NV

LIMA  Licensing University Anatomy of a License Agreement  Las Vegas, NV

IBBA University   Aspects of Business Brokerage   Orlando, FL  2012

Nevada Permit  2012

IBBA University Introduction to Pricing Small Business   San Antonio, TX  2011

AICPA The Great Debate:  The Future of Marketability Discounts with Fannon,
Las Vegas, NV

AICPA  What Every Testifying Accountant Needs to Know About Working With Lawyers and Their Clients to Win the Case.  April 2014  Las Vegas, NV  2014

ASA  Market - Derived Patent Data: What Data is Important and How Does It Impact Value?  October 2014    Toronto, Canada

AICPA  Detecting and Avoiding Mistakes in Valuation   April 2014  Las Vegas, NV

1996 Nash Investment Intrepid Securities   Torrance, CA  Series 7